About Us

What is Gymnastics Buddy About?

Hey there and thanks for having an interest about knowing what gymnastic buddy is about.

So lets start out with a bit of history on why I made this site. Having been through the hurdle of self teaching myself over these few years. I have just only begun to see some major results in my goals. With the amount of information that is flying around on the web, it can be hard to judge the integrity of it all. I honestly can’t recall the amount of time I spent with my eyes glued to either my phone or computer screen. And trying to break down it all. Which it ultimately means the longer it would take for me actually get around to accomplishing my goals.

I was caught in what I like to call “research paralysis” loop. I would get fed up with my current situation and gain the initial boost of motivation, but I would talk myself out of doing anything by giving the excuse “I’ll do it when I know how.” or “I can’t do that, I need to learn first!”. But honestly sometimes its better to go upstream without a paddle, then regret wasting time and not giving the attempt.

But anyways enough mopping over lost time, lets get into the actual reasoning of the site. I wanted to create a space where I could upload any of my findings regarding not only gymnastics, but just general fitness well being. Be it reviews, guides, or what I ate for dinner (I kid). I want to try and help fellow fitness achievers reach their goals faster. By shortening the amount of time needed researching and increasing productivity instead.

Well I think that covers the majority that I personally believe gymnastics buddy is all about. I appreciate you sticking by and reading this entire page. I wish you well in accomplishing your next future goal!