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The Buyer’s Guide to Gymnastics Bars

If you’re interested in purchasing gymnastic bars for either the home or the gym, you should know that learning about the features of these forms of exercise equipment will help you to move forward to a smarter buy. Today, we’d like to assist you by offering you lots of practical information about finding the right gymnastics bar for your preferences and budget. Since there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from you will not be short of choices…

Which Gymnastics Bar is Right for You?

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You’ll need to find a gymnastics bar which is right for the type of gymnastics that you perform. Under the category of artistic gymnastics, there are a range of sub-types, such as high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse and vault. If you perform high bar gymnastics, you’ll need a high bar gymnastics bar. If you perform parallel bar routines, you’ll need to buy gymnastic bars which are parallel bars and etc.

Some gymnasts also use trampolines or do floor routines. They don’t need gymnastics bars in order to do these forms of gymnastics. However, they do need trampolines and mats. Trampolines should be extremely safe designs which are approved by product safety governing bodies. They should be used only as directed and young people should always be supervised while they are using them.

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Mats should have a good degree of padding and be safety-approved. It’s best to buy mats which are made especially in order to protect gymnasts. These mats are usually placed under bars and in front of bars. You’ll need enough mats to protect gymnasts after they jump forward from the bars.

Whatever style of bar you choose, you’ll need to consider safety. It’s very important to find a bar which is safe. This means seeking out a design from a trusted manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation. You might want to check out our review about a good gymnastics bar for home use.

You’ll find that most gymnastics bars and related equipment, such as floor mats with padding, are manufactured according to the standards of governing bodies. These safety standards are quite high and this is a good thing. However, before you buy, you should always look and see if a product is approved as safe. Usually, this type of information is included in the product description of a bar or a piece of related equipment.

Equipment Options to Consider

A lot of different gymnastics bars are available. For example, it’s possible to buy junior training bars with horizontal bars (You can find a full review about gymnastics bars for kids here), as well as horizontal training bars which come with mats. Some horizontal bars are considered to be “heavy-duty” i.e. extremely sturdy and durable, while others aren’t. Some styles are expandable and others aren’t.

Parallel Bars, which lie close to the ground, are also practical choices for training. These may also be known as floor training bars and they allow gymnasts to practice without needing full sets of bars. Floor training bars are very portable, so moving them from place to place will be really easy.

Uneven bars are also available. They allow gymnasts to perform artistic gymnastic moves and they are utilized only by gymnasts who are female.

Now that we’ve covered this topic in some depth, let’s talk about how to utilize gymnastics bars safely.

How to Use Gymnastics Bars Safely

Bars are made to be durable and safe. However, these training bars must be used carefully. Gymnastics experts feel that juniors who use these bars at home need to be very aware of safety. In their opinion, there is a limited amount of bar skills which are right for performing at home, via junior training bars.
It’s important to buy a sufficient number of mats to cover the area under and around junior training bars or other types of bars. The stronger a bar is, the better, so look for quality, as solid construction is very important. If you want ultimate stability, we recommend buying an extension kit for a gymnastics bar, if one is offered.


As well, if you’re planning on buying bars or a bar for a younger gymnast, you’ll need to discuss safety with that person. Also, if your child has a gymnastics teacher, we recommend chatting to that teacher about safety guidelines for home gymnastics equipment usage. A gymnastics teacher will be able to recommend safe moves and tell your child which moves aren’t right for doing at home, with gymnastics bars.

Also, make sure that the bar is checked regularly and maintained as the Owner’s Manual stipulates. Whether an adult or youth is using a bar, the bar must be in great condition. It’s generally pretty simple to maintain this type of equipment. However, your approach to maintenance should be very organized. You’ll need to keep tabs on the safety of the equipment by doing regular inspections.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Gymnastics Bar

Maintenance guidelines which are found in the Owner’s Manual will help you to care for your new gymnastics equipment properly. For example, if you want to ensure that a gymnastics bar is well taken care of, you should read your manual from cover to cover and make note of any maintenance instructions which should be followed. However, there are some general upkeep guidelines and we’d like to share these with you today.


First, keep a record. Whether you have one bar or a lot of gymnastics equipment, you’ll find that keeping a record of your equipment promotes timely maintenance. Make a clean page for each piece of equipment, such as horizontal bars and mats, and then add a notation each time that you do an inspection or make a repair. This is easy to do as you’re not going to be inspecting an awful lot. You could keep a digital file on your computer, as long as you do regular backups, or use a school notebook. Some people post sheets which inspection information on the walls near their bars.

It’s best if just one person takes care of this, as he or she will remember other repairs and checks, so you may want to do it yourself, rather than sharing the workload. Start your record by indicating the day that you received and set up the equipment. Some people write this date on the bottom of their bars or mats with permanent marker. In some cases, the manufacturer of the bar may stamp the date it was made on the bottom. This does happen now and then.Checklist

Then, create a checklist for inspection of each piece of equipment. On your list, you should indicate whether equipment is stable, whether or not it has fittings which are loose and whether or not it has parts which are defective or worn. As you can see, inspection is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s about looking carefully at the bars and seeing if anything is wrong. Most bars are very well-made and shouldn’t need a lot of tweaks. However, the more a bar is used, the more likely it is to have problems, such as loose nuts and bolts. This is why inspection is so important. If something is loose, a gymnast may get hurt.


As well, if you have mats, you should create an inspection checklist which ensures that they will be checked for softer spots, separation of fabric/foam, fabric/foam fatigue and tears. Mats which are used frequently or aging mats will be most susceptible to problems. However, even new mats should be checked now and then as a matter of course. It’s a good habit to get into.

With bars, always be certain that nuts and bolts are snugly in place. As well, listen for strange sounds when equipment is being used. New sounds may indicate that problems are happening with components.

According to gymnastics experts, uneven rails and horizontal bars should be replaced every three years. They may need to be replaced more often if they are used a lot. Cable tie-downs for equipment should also be replaced every three years of sooner. Mats should be replaced when they begin to tear or separate.

Hopefully, this information will give you a handle on how to maintain a gymnastics bar or another piece of exercise equipment.

How to Find the Best Equipment

Checking Online Stores

Now that we’ve discussed common form of gymnastics bars, as well as why these bars need to be used carefully, maintained properly and used alongside mats, let’s talk about how to shop for bars and related equipment.

It’s possible to buy gymnastics bars online and doing so may allow you to save money, as online retailers typically offer very competitive prices, due to lower overhead. The first step to accessing a good deal is choosing a reputable online retailer, for example I got a review regarding about them here.

You may also want to check out stores which sell gymnastics bars right in your own community. It is nice to shop local when you can. However, you may need to pay more when you do. Since you probably want to save money, checking out online retailers first will be very smart. You’ll be able to compare online prices with community prices and then see how much you feel comfortable spending.

If you have questions about an online retailer, you should check them out online. It’s pretty easy to see whether or not an online retailer is on the up and up. It’s all about looking for BBB ratings and customer reviews. The official BBB website is a great resource. Review websites are all over the place.

As well, give some though to which manufacturers are trusted. In other words, if you see a bar that you like at an online retailer, you should take care to check out the manufacturer’s reputation. This will be the key to feeling more secure as you move forward to buy. A great manufacturer will have years of experience, as well as high safety standards. Buying from this type of trusted brand will give you greater peace of mind.

As well, you should be sure to buy bars which are right for your style of gymnastics. If you’re buying for a child or students, be sure that you’re selecting equipment which is appropriate for their sizes and ages. You’ll find all sorts of information about products of this type online. Just read the product descriptions and any other fine print, in order to see whether or not gymnastics bars are right for your needs.

Take size into account. If you’re buying for home usage, you’ll need to know that you have sufficient space and clearance space (enough space for the gymnast to move safely, without hitting walls and ceilings). You should be able to find information about the dimensions of products by checking the product descriptions. This type of information is almost always included.

Pointer on shopping cart infront of keyboardAs well, think about appearance. Do you like the way that the bar or bars look? Are they sporty and stylish enough to please you? While performance and safety should always be your key considerations, it’s nice to buy a good-looking piece of equipment, especially if you’ll be setting it up at home.

Also, we recommend buying related products, such as padded mats, at the same time. That way, you’ll receive everything that you need at once. This will help you to set up and enjoy the gymnastic bar as soon as possible.

Lastly, try to find a product with a good warranty. It’s nice to have a warranty in place in case something goes wrong with the parts on your new bar. Some bars have longer product warranties than others and this means that you’ll need to shop around for a strong warranty. It’s always a good sign when manufacturers offer strong warranties with their gymnastics bars! It means that they back up what they sell.

Of course, you’ll also need to think about price. This is why we recommend pricing your preferred model across a few to several online retailers. When you do this, you’ll be able to find the best price easily.

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